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Zen: is it real?

Picture this: San Francisco 1970’s. The zen centre is located conveniently near Haight Ashbury. Some hippies walk into the meditation hall, seat themselves on a cushion and sit for over half an hour, in complete bodily silence: like rocks. The regulars … Continue reading

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The pencil test

Let me tell you how chewing on a pencil can improve you quality of life. In Mind Hacks, they advise you to: “put a pen between you teeth, in far enough so that it’s stretching the corners of your mouth … Continue reading

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Loss of 3 heroes

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him, they said. The thought is attributed to Zen master Linji, the founder of the Rinzai sect. But, as describes it: “the road, the killing and even the buddha are … Continue reading

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Live from the Skinner box

It’s a weird artform, this blogging. I assume we all do it because we’re interested in being noticed. I know I am. And with the helpful WordPress stats, we can see it when other people look at our blog. However, … Continue reading

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Keeping your faith?

Some classic topics for a sceptic are ofcourse homeopathy, mediums, and the peculiar views of the Roman Catholic church. Hang on, I have to stop right there. Some people strongly advise against sceptics talking about mainstream religion. I came across … Continue reading

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Overhyped by enthusiasm

I love the stage performances of Derren Brown. So I tell my friends about them. No, it’s worse than that, really: I implore them to look. I almost shove my IPad in their faces, because that’s what I’m like when … Continue reading

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The Hay-stack

I must have been eighteen. I was training as a nurse and on weekends I went to Amsterdam to participate in a Gestalt-training. We were about twenty people and we expressed a lot of emotions, as was customary in the … Continue reading

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