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enlightened dishwashing

Is dishwashing going to be different when we’re enlightened? No. There will always be chores. One zen master famously said that these details are all there is to life. After enlightenment, dishwashing might become even more important. In fact, it … Continue reading

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Any comment?

I got the idea for this post because I recently made a comment. I read a post, felt inspired, wanted to let the writer know. So I wrote a comment. I tried to keep it short and sweet, posted it, … Continue reading

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My anti-post: Why I’m not a feminist

*Please check the bottom of the page to see what an anti-post is. Here goes: Let’s face it: women are less capable than men. They tend to be emotional, they cannot run 100 metres in 9.58 seconds and they are … Continue reading

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Meet the real sceptics

Originally, the word sceptic meant “One who looks.” As mentioned in the famous quotation from Sextus Empiricus: “And the sceptics, they are still investigating.” In this quote, he compares sceptics to dogmatists. There are positive dogmatists: people who know the truth. … Continue reading

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What’s good?

I’m reading excerpts from the diary of Maura O’Halloran, an Irish woman who lived in a zen monastery in Japan in the eighties. “Respect life,” she says. “Not because it’s right or good or moral but because it is.” This … Continue reading

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That god shaped hole

He used to be the god of the gaps. But then the gaps became ever smaller. According to Richard Bube, there were no gaps left when Darwin had written the Origin of Species. After the theory of evolution, humans had … Continue reading

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Hardcore romantic

I was sixteen. In our philosophy class, our teacher had just told us the Hindu story of a woman who found the heads of her husband and his best friend had been switched. He left us to ponder the question … Continue reading

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Kiss your Self goodbye

It’s the buddhist way to look at ourselves and the universe: conditioned arising. Buddhist scholar Walpola Rahula calls it the buddhist theory of relativity. There’s no maths involved in what comes next: When this is, that is. This arising, that arises. … Continue reading

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Rakusu for sale

I once managed to read a book on zen without understanding any of it. It was Peter Matthiessen’s zen diary. The only thing that stayed with me was the scene where his dying wife asked for her rakusu. He describes … Continue reading

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Anger management

In the eighties, when I was probably even more deluded than I am today, I trained as a Gestalt therapist. I worked in healthcare and I wanted to help. Some of my friends joined Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and lived happily … Continue reading

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