My anti-post: Why I’m not a feminist

*Please check the bottom of the page to see what an anti-post is. Here goes:

Let’s face it: women are less capable than men. They tend to be emotional, they cannot run 100 metres in 9.58 seconds and they are less ambitious, that’s why women are cooking dinner at home and men are celebrated chefs.

I know, they would start complaining right away and say they haven’t had enough opportunities to develop their qualities, but really. How much more time would they need? They’ve got the vote, they’ve got birth control and fifty years later they’re still around 37 cents behind on every dollar a man makes.

Suffragettes, New York Times, 1921By Paul Thompson [Public domain]

Suffragettes, New York Times, 1921
By Paul Thompson [Public domain]

Do you think that’s a coincidence? Discrimination? Would it make sense that all these different cultures, during thousands of years, were wrong about this one thing?

(…) A good woman was not supposed to have a point of view at all, and if she did, she certainly should not be so brazen as to talk about it. He would quote the Chinese saying: ‘If you are married to a chicken, obey the chicken. If you are married to a dog, obey the dog.’

That’s a quote from Wild Swans, a book on three generations of women in China. Typically the thing women love to read. But then they conveniently forget that Chinese culture was once hundreds of years ahead of Western culture. Even if they did bind an occasional foot.

Saint Peter (1 Peter 3:7) tells husbands to be understanding:

“Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honour to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, (…)”

Meanwhile, orthodox Jewish men thank G-d every morning for not making them women, slaves or non-Jews. Women say a blessing thanking G-d for creating them according to his will.

That’s his will. You read that correctly. (Women are better secretaries, by the way.) As it is his will that they have as little schooling and as many kids as possible. You’ll find most of the mainstream religions in agreement on that. They are good nurses and primary school teachers, because they seem to never tire of wiping noses and changing nappies.

Young Housewife, Alexey Tyranov [Public domain]

Young Housewife, Alexey Tyranov [Public domain]

I could go to macho South America, or explore some African cultures, but it’s the same wherever you look and it has been like that forever. Now, be honest. There must be a reason for that.

And if you think new spiritual movements have different ideas, why are most cult leaders men? A cult leader needs authority, honesty and likability to attract followers. Guess who’s most capable of getting that message across? (That’s a rhetorical question.) And let’s look at a women who stayed with the Hare Krishna’s:

“My sense of humour became strained, though, when they started the line that women were of a lower order than men. Women should be married or they were like lost sheep unable to fend for themselves.”

I did not want to mention it, but their sense of humour is often less developed:

wife: “After this many years together, each of us knows what the other one thinks.”

husband: “No we don’t.”

"Sirvienta" Jules Joseph Lefebvre [Public domain]

“Sirvienta” Jules Joseph Lefebvre [Public domain]

There are a few successful women: just think of Margaret Thatcher and other women who managed to look like men. Forbes calls them ‘power women’. In their 2012 list, we find Michelle Obama on number 7, Oprah Winfrey on number 11 and on 16 we find Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. She’s the president of Argentina because her husband, the real president of Argentina, could not get reelected. On number 30 we find Yingluck Shinawatra. Same story, this time in Thailand. You’ll find Lady Gaga somewhere in between, proof that a woman will dress in raw meats to get your attention.

So even though some of my best friends are women, I’m not about to go down the feminist route. If you are a woman and you still wonder why:

“Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious.” Oscar Wilde

* This is my anti-post. To celebrate David Yerle’s Anti-Week, I defended the exact opposite of what I normally would.

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24 Responses to My anti-post: Why I’m not a feminist

  1. john zande says:

    This is a much harder one than god. Great job, but i’m (thankfully) not sold 😉

  2. I do really love this concept, though. Seriously, going right back to the old fashioned pro-post? Don’t have another anti in ya?

    • Actually, I was wondering about you and anti-posts. In a way, you seem beyond anti….What do you think?

      • Well, I use anti-humor. I probably couldn’t do it with the same coherent looking way that you do — not that I couldn’t, but I am constantly at odds with strong, capricious urges to muddy the waters — and, I’ve convinced myself that it’s unnatural to suppress them.

        Wait, are you asking me if I will do an anti-post and join in the fun OR if I would agree that I am beyond anti?

  3. David Yerle says:

    Brilliant! Though you couldn’t help but sound infinitely sarcastic. It must be almost impossible to get inside the skin of a sexist…

    • Thank you. Actually, you did a different thing by taking your beliefs to their extremes. I think that’s the real meaning of an anti-post. Mine is just a case of taking my inner sexist out for a spin…

  4. I love your writing. I’m glad this was an “anti-post.” You’d be a scary opponent.

    • The scary thing for me is that I could have gone on for another five pages. 😉
      At the risk of sounding clichéd, I really like your writing, too! Please keep going, lone wolf or not!

  5. Thank you. That’s one of the other problems with being a lone wolf; we’re too stubborn not to keep going because, otherwise, we’d have to look around long enough to know we’re alone.

  6. violetwisp says:

    I was a bit worried when I started reading this! Nice job, and the quotes are excellent. There must be something in it if all those wise and bright minds believe it!

  7. Argus says:

    I’m not ‘anti’ much in life. Except blasted politicians and priesthoods and other good folk who milk the imbecilic for all the can get.
    But I am strongly ‘pro’.
    So being not pro feminism I am absolutely pro “undifferentiated equality” in all respects; the absolute level playing field—with no concessions to race, gender, sex, creed, cult, beliefs.

    Lone wolf? I thought every individual in the pack was a loner, per se? Bugger … now look what you’ve gone and made me do …

    • We are all individuals (I’ve known this ever since I first saw Life of Brian).

      I think a level playing field is all we need. Feminism is a bit of a difficult label. Like all labels, really. Somehow there’s always a need to explain more, when the label should be self-explanatory. I despair when I see people discuss whether they are atheists, new atheists or anti-theists and why everybody else should have come to the same conclusion. That’s what’s so good about this level playing field: we can forget about the labels and play together!

      • Argus says:

        Complex issues can oft be reduced to simplistic solutions. In this (and most) cases the Occam’s Razor approach: educate the little buggers! Teach ’em all to think. Think-think-think … but for themselves. Teach ’em to cut through propaganda and indoctrination. And while I’m dreaming, do you have a spare few million you aren’t needing right now …

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