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Hardcore romantic

I was sixteen. In our philosophy class, our teacher had just told us the Hindu story of a woman who found the heads of her husband and his best friend had been switched. He left us to ponder the question … Continue reading

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Kiss your Self goodbye

It’s the buddhist way to look at ourselves and the universe: conditioned arising. Buddhist scholar Walpola Rahula calls it the buddhist theory of relativity. There’s no maths involved in what comes next: When this is, that is. This arising, that arises. … Continue reading

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Rakusu for sale

I once managed to read a book on zen without understanding any of it. It was Peter Matthiessen’s zen diary. The only thing that stayed with me was the scene where his dying wife asked for her rakusu. He describes … Continue reading

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Zen and the earthquake

I would like to introduce you to Dainin Katagiri. He’s a zenmaster and he was born in Osaka in 1928, that means he was a teenager in Japan during the Second World War. He remembers: “(…) The next moment I … Continue reading

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Mother Teresa of Calcutta

It’s in the Independent today: “Academics suggest Hitch called it right on Mother Teresa.” Serge Larivé, a researcher from the University of Montreal, said: “Given the parsimonious management of Mother Teresa’s works, one may ask where the millions of dollars … Continue reading

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1000 different shades

I never considered writing about being bisexual here. After all, what does it have to do with anything? Sure, I heard David Cameron say that gay marriage is: “an important step forward, that strengthens society” but I must confess I … Continue reading

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Something to believe in?

If I see a book called: “Why the world doesn’t seem to make sense,” I have to buy it.  The title implies that the author thinks the world does make sense. It just doesn’t seem to. Or does it? That … Continue reading

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Zen: is it real?

Picture this: San Francisco 1970’s. The zen centre is located conveniently near Haight Ashbury. Some hippies walk into the meditation hall, seat themselves on a cushion and sit for over half an hour, in complete bodily silence: like rocks. The regulars … Continue reading

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Keeping your faith?

Some classic topics for a sceptic are ofcourse homeopathy, mediums, and the peculiar views of the Roman Catholic church. Hang on, I have to stop right there. Some people strongly advise against sceptics talking about mainstream religion. I came across … Continue reading

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Overhyped by enthusiasm

I love the stage performances of Derren Brown. So I tell my friends about them. No, it’s worse than that, really: I implore them to look. I almost shove my IPad in their faces, because that’s what I’m like when … Continue reading

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