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Homeopathy, anyone?

“Why are you scared of homeopathy?” my friend asked. “I am not scared of homeopathy,” I answered. “You are,” she said. “I’ve read your blog and I think you are.” My friend is a retired yoga-teacher. She believes in homeopathy. … Continue reading

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Loss of 3 heroes

If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him, they said. The thought is attributed to Zen master Linji, the founder of the Rinzai sect. But, as dailybuddhism.com describes it: “the road, the killing and even the buddha are … Continue reading

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Sceptic and friends

I am a bit apprehensive about coming out as a sceptic. You might think I have got a lot of experience already, confessing myself to be a vegetarian and bisexual, but this feels different. I don’t mind if my friends … Continue reading

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