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Homeopathy, anyone?

“Why are you scared of homeopathy?” my friend asked. “I am not scared of homeopathy,” I answered. “You are,” she said. “I’ve read your blog and I think you are.” My friend is a retired yoga-teacher. She believes in homeopathy. … Continue reading

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Keeping your faith?

Some classic topics for a sceptic are ofcourse homeopathy, mediums, and the peculiar views of the Roman Catholic church. Hang on, I have to stop right there. Some people strongly advise against sceptics talking about mainstream religion. I came across … Continue reading

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Sceptic and friends

I am a bit apprehensive about coming out as a sceptic. You might think I have got a lot of experience already, confessing myself to be a vegetarian and bisexual, but this feels different. I don’t mind if my friends … Continue reading

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